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Dive Centre Bondi

Duncan Paterson - Owner, GUE Instructor

About Duncan

I’m originally from Scotland but have called Australia home since 2005.  I learned to dive right here at Dive Centre Bondi – the best Dive Centre in Sydney!  Diving is relaxing and fun but it can also be challenging and exciting. There are so many places around the world with great diving and so much to see.  I enjoy the technical aspects of deeper and more challenging dives, but I’m just as happy on a warm shallow tropical reef as I am inside a shipwreck in deeper water or inside a cave.

My favourite dive sites in Sydney

So many to choose from but Shark Point (shore dive) or The Apartments (boat dive) are both world class dive sites. Amazingly, so many sites here in Sydney can be accessed from shore... there aren’t many cities in the world where you can go for a dive in the morning before work - we’re very lucky here!


Jadi Nappi - Instructor, Marine Biologist

About Jadi

I'm from Italy and started diving in 2008 in the beautiful island of Ponza, just off the coast of Rome in my home country.  I spent three years there and will never forget the first breath I took underwater.  I’m a marine biologist, and I love being in the water. When I dive I'm exactly where I want to be and I feel completely myself.  I have a great passion for teaching scuba diving and when I meet new students I love seeing them learn about the ocean and how to respect it.

Favourite dive site in Sydney?

I really enjoy Bare Island because of the beautiful and colourful sponges.  Sydney is special – you might see nudibranch, cuttlefish and octopus one day and then next time, turtles, sharks and on the rare occasion whales!!  No matter what the conditions, there is always somewhere to dive in Sydney.


Tony Lowrey - Instructor

About Tony

I learned to dive on the Great Barrier Reef on a holiday to Port Douglas in 2010.  I loved the weightlessness and peaceful escape from the crazy working lifestyle I had at the time, and then subsequently became interested in underwater photography and technical diving... there are so many shipwrecks around Sydney! As an Instructor there’s nothing better than helping individuals with no prior diving experience – and sometimes even a fear of open water – to overcome their challenges, finish their Open Water certification and achieve their goal... it’s extremely rewarding.

Favourite Sydney dive site?

I love all the dive sites in Sydney but there are two that stand out: Bare Island because of its diversity – you always see something interesting, and Shark Point for its rugged beauty.


David Patel - GUE Instructor

About David

I’m originally from Fiji but have been living in Australia for 20 years. I became a certified diver in 2008 after doing a couple of Discover Scuba Diving experience dives. I then progressed through to PADI Instructor in 2009 and then a GUE instructor in 2014.  I enjoy the challenges in helping people learn to dive and improving their diving skills. For some it’s not easy and so it’s always a great feeling when you see the smile on their face when they overcome their challenges or improve their skills.

What’s your favourite dive site in Sydney?

It's hard to pick a favourite - the variety of diving is great here in Sydney, from the many shore dives to the deeper wrecks in the technical diving range.



Laurent Dahan - PADI, TDI Instructor

About Laurent

I come from the centre of France where water isn’t particularly accessible but discovered diving in 2012 when I started travelling the world and found myself in Thailand. I was pretty scared of the concept but fell in love with the first bubbles and have almost never had a day without them since.  I love the peacefulness of diving and the variety of opportunities that it can offer.  I enjoy the technical nature of deep decompression dives on wrecks or drop offs and I’m always refining my diving skills to help me execute these dives or simply to take better photographs which I can bring back to dry land as memories.

What are your favourite Sydney dives?

My favourite recreational dive site is Bare Island. The Dee Why (an old ferry which lies off Long Reef) is my favourite deeper technical dive.


Fiona Seath - Instructor

About Fiona

I’m from Bonnie Scotland and before you ask, yes I have dived there and yes it was freezing!  I started my diving career when I was on holiday during one year in Dahab, Egypt.  I dive because it’s the closest thing to being able to fly I can imagine, coasting through underwater landscapes like Peter Pan. As a result, I love to teach PADI Open Water Courses as there is nothing more rewarding than introducing people to that childlike and free feeling.

What’s your top dive spot in Sydney?

I like Shelly Beach because I’ve still never found the famous sunken motorbike and I feel it’s a box I need to tick.


Sam Baxter - Instructor, President Gordons Bay SCUBA Diving Club

About Sam

I am originally from Lancashire , England, and started diving in the Portsmouth area on England's south coast in 1978. The opportunity to dive in Sydney was a major influence in my decision to emigrate to Australia where I have lived for the last 30+ years.  I love to see the wide variety or marine life that we have here in Sydney. Some of my favourites are the sharks that we see , including Port Jacksons , Wobbegongs and Grey Nurse Sharks, and also the Giant Cuttlefish which are spotted mostly during the winter months.

So after 30 years of diving here in Sydney, what’s your favourite spot?

I enjoy diving so many of Sydney's sites.  Gordons Bay is an obvious favourite and I also very much enjoy diving the canyons and caves at North Bondi where we have been lucky enough to see a collection of Grey Nurses Sharks taking up residence in recent months. We are hoping they will be moving in for the long term.


Scott Clarke - Instructor

About Scott

Sydney Born and bred.....I first learned to dive waaaaay back in 1995 in Bali, Indonesia. I love the peace of being underwater. It’s a whole new world! I love teaching as well... The course I enjoy teaching the most is the PADI Rescue Diver course.  It's very challenging but a lot of fun!

Favourite dive in Sydney?

Shark Point for me is the best dive in Sydney!


Mark Broadfoot - Instructor

About Mark

I love my deep technical wreck diving and being able to assist newer divers in exploring their chosen specialties, so I really enjoy teaching the PADI Advanced Open Water Class.  I keep diving with the hope that one day I'll get it right.  We can always improve something with each dive.

Mark's favourite dive site in Sydney

The Birchgrove Park (a shipwreck off the Northern Beaches of Sydney) plus night dives at Camp Cove are definitely my favourites.


Thierry Rakotoarivelo - Instructor, Photographer

About Thierry

I grew up on a tiny French Island called La Reunion, but didn't learn to dive until 2001 right here in Sydney – in the middle of the winter!!  I really love seeing marine animals in their own environment and how they behave. I also love interacting with them (when they initiate the interaction, not when we as divers harass them). For the same reason, the speciality that I like the most is underwater photography – I never go diving without my camera. The kind of dive that I like the most are the ones where we get to see lots of unusual critters!

What’s your favourite dive site in Sydney?

My favourite dive site in Sydney is Shark Point, near Clovelly. There are actually five or six completely different dives you can do there!


Glen Johnstone - Instructor, Certified Technician

About Glen

I come from a Dairy Farm near Masterton in New Zealand. I first experienced diving on a Discover Scuba Diving course on the Great Barrier Reef then later became a certified diver back in New Zealand (in Auckland).  I live and breathe SCUBA! Those moments when I'm underwater and realise nothing else matters. The best thing about diving is exploring new sites with awesome, fun people that share their passion for the ocean.

Best dive site in Sydney?

The Leap to Steps or North Head. On a crystal clear day, just drop me off anywhere.


Preston Carey- Instructor

About Preston

I’m from Ireland and learned to dive here in Australia in 2002. I slowly made my way up to IDC Staff Instructor and began teaching in 2007. My favourite course to teach is the PADI Rescue Diver course. When you sign up for the course you’ll see why! I love to dive socially as well as teach. You’re guaranteed to have a different experience each time, from the creatures you see, the conditions you dive in or all the great people you dive with. Instructing for me is about guiding people through an experience they will never forget and sharing that experience with them is always highly rewarding.

What’s your favourite dive spot?

I don't have a favourite dive site in Sydney - they're all so different!  Outside of Sydney I love diving around the islands of Papua New Guinea.