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Dive Centre Bondi

Dive Centre Bondi is an approved service centre for all major manufacturers of dive equipment. Servicing includes pre-service checks, full strip down and ultrasonic clean of all metal components.  O-rings, filters and other components are replaced according to the manufacturers' guidelines before rebuilding, testing and fine-tuning.  Drop in for a quote and free inspection or contact us on (02) 9369 3855 or at .



What we do


Dive Centre Bondi offers advanced gas filling facilities thanks to our membrane filling system.

  • Nuvair Membrane System and Compair 5409 HP compressor
  • Trimix continuous flow mixing panel
  • Storage banks for compressed air, 32% Nitrox and Trimix 21/35.
  • Dedicated fill panels for air and mixed gases.

This system eliminates the need for partial pressure blending so you don't need an O2 clean tank to obtain 32% Nitrox.  We bank GUE Standard mixes to facilitate a full range of diving. Please see pricing options below.



$12.50 per fill (Air or Nitrox 32%).  Fill cards are available in 10 fill ($100) and 100 fill ($500) options. 

The prices of Trimix are based on cylinder size (eg 21/35 in twin 12.2L costs $6.00 per 10bar or $475 per 1000bar).  Regular Trimix divers take advantage of our 1,000bar credit system.  Ask in-store for more details. 



We have a good stock of rental equipment at Dive Centre Bondi.  Aqua Lung Wetsuits, Regulators, BCDs and computers are available for rent.  Prices are based on 24 hour hire:

$100.00  Full Equipment Hire (mask, snorkel, boots and fins, wetsuit, BCD, regulators, computer, weights and two tanks)

$80.00  Full Equipment Hire (excluding mask, snorkel, boots and fins)

$20.00  Individual items (tank, BCD, regulators, etc)

$50.00  Dry suit

$50.00  Manifolded twin tanks (excludes trimix)