South West Rocks


Unquestionably one of Australia's best diving destinations, South West Rocks is home to the renowned Fish Rock Cave - an underwater tunnel which spans the entire length of Fish Rock Island. 

Entering the cave from the deeper end, you can expect to see Wobbegong sharks and huge schools of Bullseyes.  Navigating up one of the vertical chimneys you'll find crayfish and - at the right time of year - giant cuttlefish.   There are two bubble caves where you can rest and even chat to your buddy before continuing on.  As you near the mouth of the cave, you'll see the silhouettes of thousands of fish, sea fans and most spectacular of all: the Grey Nurse Sharks.

There is also excellent diving around Green Island and Black Rocks, plus extensive coral reefs and sponge gardens, all just off the coast of historic Trial Bay Gaol and Smoky Cape lighthouse.  Expect to be spoiled by an abundance of fish life including huge Green and Loggerhead turtles, Eagle rays, massive schools of pelagic, tropical and temperate water fish. Fish Rock and Green Island have been listed as critical Grey Nurse Shark habitats.

Divers must hold a PADI Advanced Open Water certification or equivalent to join trips to South West Rocks due to the nature and depth of the diving.  We can organise for you to complete your Advanced Course during the trip and can also certify you as an Enriched Air (Nitrox) Specialty diver.  Great for extending your dive times on deeper dives. 

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