EdenWrecks and Reef

What's the plan?

The weekend commences on Friday evening at Merimbula Divers Lodge. Over the weekend we plan to do 5 boats dives on the fantastic wrecks off Merimbula and the renowned dive sites such as The Cave, Twin Peaks and The Chipmill (Sea Dragon Habitat). The south coast of NSW is renowned for having crystal clear water in the in the winter months. Water temps are a little chilly so make sure you bring your gloves and hoods to stay warm. Drysuits are recommended if you have one. Photo opportunities are excellent on the wrecks and the dives sites offer a wide variety for every diver.

The Tasman Hauler is sitting upright in 30m of water the wreck is covered in colourful sea life. Ideal for Wreck, Deep and Photography Courses, the Hauler is accessed by boat from Snug Cove in Eden. It takes about 10 minutes to travel from the harbour across beautiful Twofold Bay.

The Henry Bolte is sitting in 24m of water, the structure has collapsed to one side. This wreck has attracted a large variety of schooling fish. The depth allows for longer dives, which makes it perfect for a long wreck dive.

The Empire Gladstone was wrecked on the night of September 5th 1950 the ship measured 135 meters long. She now lies in 10 meters of water just off Merimbula. Though mostly collapsed you are still able to swim through the drive shaft passage and explore around the wreckage which has turned into a spectacular artificial reef attracting a prolific and diverse amount of marine life. Calm seas are required to enjoy the dive.

The Cave is a fifty meter swim through for divers experienced in overhead environments. A colourful cave with brilliant soft corals and gorgonian fans. To one side of the entrance are walls that drop off down to approx. 28-30m, and to the other side beautiful bommies covered in soft corals. The entrance to the cave is in about 16m.

The Chipmill (Sea Dragon Habitat) A dive site that enthralls the Weedy Sea Dragon lover. Located near the chipmill wharf in Twofold Bay, Eden, this is home to many of these beautiful creatures of the sea. Hovering in depths ranging from 8m to a maximum depth of 15m it is a very pleasant dive.

How much & what's included?

The cost of the trip is $475.

Trip includes:

  • 3 nights accommodation (Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • 5 Boat dives (Double boat dive Saturday & Sunday. Single boat dive Monday.)
  • Tanks and weights
  • Unlimited Shore diving
  • Unlimited Air fills
  • Continental Breakfast

*Nitrox will be charged extra and paid directly to Merimbula Divers Lodge.

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Rental Options

Tanks and weights are included with the trip. For those with additional equipment requirements we offer special trip pricing for the duration of the weekend. Equipment can be picked up as early as the Thursday before the trip.

Rental Pricing:

  • Full equipment rental(Inc Mask, Snorkel, Fins):
    • Special Trip Price $100 - Book online for $80
  • BCD, Regulators & Wetsuit:
    • Special Trip Price $80 - Book online for $60

Special course pricing

Advanced Open Water Course

  • Normally $495
    • Special Trip Price $295. Save $200!

A minimum of PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent is required for all trips for you to enjoy the best dive sites some of which are beyond 18m. If you don't hold this certification we have a special offer for you. You can complete the course with us as part of your trip for a discounted price of $295 in Sydney prior to departure.

Advanced Course Schedule:

  • Day 1 - Completed in Sydney on a weekend before the trip.
    •  Navigation Dive, Buoyancy Dive, Fish ID Dive
  • Day 2 - Completed during your trip.
    •  Deep Dive & Boat Dive

Nitrox Course

  • Normally $295
    • Special Trip Price $225. Save $70!

To really allow you to make the most of your bottom time the PADI Nitrox course will be available on this trip at a special rate of $225 (Theory conducted in Sydney before departure).

Diving with Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN) allows you to extend your bottom times and shorten your surface intervals. Enriched Air is a breathing gas with an oxygen content of between 21% and 40%, consequently you are breathing less nitrogen so can dive for longer as your body is taking on less nitrogen.

Important info for the trip

  • PADI Advanced level or equivalent is the minimum required certification level for all DCB trips. This is due to the varied dive sites and to cater for different environments and depths on our adventures, such as wrecks, shark gutters and cool canyons. Lots of the best diving is beyond 18m and we don’t want you to miss out.
  • Transportation is not included but we will help arrange car-pooling if needed, just drop us an email to let us know.
  • All divers require an SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) and spool and a torch for night dives where applicable. The SMB and spool are for your safety incase you drift from the boat when surfacing. We offer good discounts on any gear you need to purchase so please let us know if you need any of the above items.
  • We will have an orientation evening on the Wednesday evening prior to departure date. We meet at Dive Centre Bondi at 7pm to cover paperwork, car pooling and arrange equipment. If you cannot attend don’t worry, drop into the shop at your convenience during the week and we can arrange it for you.
  • Please ensure you have dived in the last few months. This is so you are familiar with your weighting and your equipment ensuring you will be more comfortable in the water and get the maximum enjoyment from your trip.

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