GUE Fundamentals Course

Find new levels of stability and awareness in the water, lower your gas consumption, refine the skills needed to take better underwater photographs and video and prepare yourself for more adventurous and challenging dives.


The GUE Fundamentals course combines theory and practical (in-water) sessions to cultivate and refine the skills divers seek to increase their proficiency in the water through proper buoyancy control, trim, propulsion, teamwork and other GUE principles. In addition to transforming the average diver's skill level, GUE Fundamentals also serves as a prerequisite for GUE's more advanced Technical and Cave Diver classes.  In summary, the Fundamentals class:

  1. Provides the recreational diver with a context in which to advance his/her basic diving skills, developing more comfort, confidence and competence in the water
  2. Provides divers with aspirations of more advanced diver training with the tools that will contribute to a greater likelihood of success
  3. Provides non-GUE trained divers with a gateway into GUE training.
  4. Costs $1,150.00 which includes all training materials and major items of equipment as required

The course is conducted over 4 days, involves 6 dives and at least 30 hours instruction, encompassing classroom, land drills and in-water work.  Prior to the commencement of class, students should consult with their GUE instructor or preferred GUE facility to verify equipment requirements.


Course Cost: $1,150.00 + GUE Registration Fee.  For more information on our upcoming GUE Fundamentals Courses This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call on (02) 9369 3855.